Who am I? 

Hi, I’m Mike, or more formally, Mike on Blades. I’m a 26 year old rollerblading enthusiast from Buffalo, NY and most recently, Denver, CO. I have a passion for rollerblading, meeting new people, and the Moana soundtrack.

What am I doing?

I’m rollerblading across the country from San Francisco to Brooklyn - ocean to ocean! Along the way, I will be raising money for No Kid Hungry, a national campaign ran by Share our Strength. You can track my progress on this website and my social media accounts and contribute to the fundraiser, here.

How Can You Help?

You can help in 3 ways!

1. Donate - With 90% of your donations going to No Kid Hungry and 10% to my crazy trip, any dollar you can donate will make a difference. Click here to see how No Kid Hungry will use your donations!

2. Along the Journey - If you see me on the road, say hi! If you’re feeling extra kind, I’d more than appreciate a safe place to sleep along the way! You can check out my general route, here.

3. Share -  If there’s anyone you think might like to tune in to this adventure, please share my site or any of my social media accounts with them!


Where is Mike?


Miles Bladed

3,571 miles

States traveled


Money Raised (so far)