Day 1 - 5/28/18

Day 1: Memorial Day - SF to Vacaville

Miles: 36 (+27 on a boat)

Reporting style copied from @yaniseho (you should follow her if you don’t already!)

Thank you to all the veterans that sacrificed their lives so that we could pursue acts of freedom, no matter how out there.


The trip has begun and had an awesome send-off crew filled with new SF friends, Buffalonians, and the West coast Lempko’s. First day filled with smiles, some hot heat, and a first but not last stealth sleep a public park.

Two other things that happened:

1. Met Shocka and his brothers who rock a sick breakdance and entertainment performance right outside Pier 39 in SF.  Inspiring kids in a way cooler and talented way than me! 


2. The honeymoon ended quickly. I thought it’d at least last until day 2! The day hit 97 degrees and on an uphill of 96 degrees, the magnitude of the trip hit me. What in the hell did I just get myself into? Don’t worry though, this passed by day 2 afternoon once routine hit in 


Coming soon...

Coming soon...